We’ll compile a lengthy list of creative, current, and intriguing eCommerce name ideas from which you can draw inspiration when coming up with your own. To make exploring the lengthy list easier, we divided the names into four distinct eCommerce subcategories. We chose the most well-liked eCommerce markets: tech, fashion, crafts, and general merchandise. 

To motivate you and demonstrate the kinds of names common in each area, we devised 15 unique name suggestions for each subcategory. We’ve got you covered if you’re looking for a unique name to define your business. Check out these suggestions for creating a unique name for your internet store.

1. Keep It Brief And Straightforward

Having a short, catchy name is advantageous for various reasons: It’s memorable, simple to say, and easily fits in the header of your internet store’s webpage. Here are a few techniques to start your wheels turning:

  • Experiment with different word combinations. Two brief words that rhyme or are alliterative can make a sentence more memorable.
  • Make up a new word or change an existing one. Even though their names aren’t actual words, tech companies like Google, eBay, and Skype have instantly recognizable names.
  • Use a word that has personal significance. It could be a nickname for your significant other, the name of your pet, or even your name. Using a personal name makes it easier to identify your store.

2. Be Unique

Conduct market research to determine which names are being used by your immediate competitors and come up with something truly unique.

3. Think About Your Web Presence

Once you’ve narrowed down your alternatives for your store name, check to see if your preferred domain is available for registration. Given is the most popular top-level domain (TLD) and has been for a long time, this may be problematic.

4. Be Imaginative With Your Domain Name

If for your desired domain is unavailable, don’t worry: you can still choose another TLD. The is the gold standard because everyone recognizes it, but that doesn’t mean other TLDs aren’t becoming more frequent as possibilities become scarce.

5. Legal Right To Use A Business Name

Check that you have the legal right to use your chosen business name. Start by examining The United States Patent and Trademark Office for store owners in the United States. They provide a free database that is difficult to search but well worth the effort.

6. Find Fresh Sources Of Inspiration

If you’re stuck for online shop eCommerce name ideas, you may start by giving yourself themes to think about and making an online shop name list.

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eCommerce Name Ideas

Here are some examples of clever eCommerce names:

  • Available online
  • Crafty Trade
  • Swap Store
  • Spotlight on E-Commerce
  • The Tech Store
  • Purchase Market
  • Excel Business
  • Czar Store
  • Cyber and Brick
  • Be Recognized

Top eCommerce Store Business Name Generators

1. Shopify

Shopify Business Name Generator is first on our list. This free online tool can help you create unique business names in seconds.

2. Business Name Generator

Visit if you’re seeking a selection of various name generators. When you get to the page, utilize the usual generator to generate ideas.

3. Neelix

Neelix is yet another excellent company name generator that employs artificial intelligence to generate catchy, short, and original names and graphic design concepts.

4. Getsocio

Remember how we said it’s critical to check the domain availability before picking an eCommerce business name? With Getsocio’s company name generator tool, you may not only generate numerous distinct unique eCommerce name ideas based on whatever term you provide, but you can also easily check their domain availability.

5. Oberlo

Oberlo is a dropshipping platform, but they also feature a free company name generator tool to generate business name ideas.

6. FreshBooks

If you’re searching for a more fun, engaging, and interactive business name generator tool, check out FreshBooks.

7. Anadea

The free online business name generator provided by Anadea, a firm that develops custom software for mobile and web-based apps, will present you with hundreds of name ideas.


The e-commerce business is rife with competition. It is difficult for new entrepreneurs and business owners to distinguish themselves. You may have a sound business plan and effective marketing methods, but your company name is the ace in the hole. You can’t be certain of your business’s success unless you make the right decision for your eCommerce name ideas.

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