Different types of handles for main door

Doors and architectural features are usually the highlights of a home. If you think about it, door handles can make a space unique. It comes in every shape, size, style and finish, balancing functionality and beauty perfectly.

Old broken door handles must be removed and replaced with beautiful new ones as soon as possible. But the different Door handle for main door looks fantastic. 

There are three main types of door handles: knobs, handles, and doorknobs. Lever handles Doors, also known as shutters, are the most common type of shutters used in residential, commercial, and public buildings.


Knurled or slanted door handles have a diamond pattern with horizontal, vertical or dotted lines above the handle, which is not only elegant but also ergonomic, which would increase the glide and grip of the hand.

LEVER HANDLES OM BACKPLATE The rear handle is a traditional rear panel handle. Best suited to a traditional home. Multiple handles on the back panel with different finishes and styles can also be used for simultaneous setups.

Chesham Euro Lock Polished Brass Back Plates or Antique Anvil Right Pewter Locks are better options if you want a more traditional and classic look.


These arms have three control mechanisms: handle lock, handle carry, and lever latch. A wrist lock, door lock, and chain are usually added for better cleanliness and convenience.


This mechanism has a handle lock for security and privacy and is often combined with a deadlock. One needs to choose a superior quality Door handle for the main door to see the home’s privacy.


Often used on bathroom and bedroom doors where some privacy is needed. The mechanism has a thumb lock that can be easily locked and unlocked from the inside by turning a pin, but in an emergency, it can also be unlocked from the outside by turning the token slot.


This type of device is used for interior doors that do not require closure. It is an easy-to-use device that requires the handle to be closed to open the door. The modern bolt grip butt plate features a polished chrome Arundel slide.


Door handles are usually designed with a rounded handle and must be turned in both directions on the door they are installed in to open or close.

Primarily used on the inside of bathroom doors and other durable interior doors, door handles are often chosen as an alternative to open handles.


With a keyed locking mechanism accessible from both sides, this option is ideal for buildings that require security, such as offices and warehouses.


With a twist lock that can only be used on one side, custom handles are popular on bathroom, toilet and bedroom doors. It can also be opened from the outside if the person inside has an emergency.


If privacy is not an issue, doorknobs are a reasonable choice and are often found on corridor doors and provide access to adjoining rooms.

A handle has to be turned to open the door in question, and it usually has a lock.


We have now completed our examination of the three main categories, looking at handles for patio doors, sliding doors and standard swing doors.


Like grips and cranks, have backplates and cranks, with the best choices depending on styling needs.

Another consideration when choosing a style is adequately covering holes and other marks from previous handle installation.


Another type of Door handle for the main door in this category is the screw-on handle, which is seen as a screw that goes right through the door it’s attached to and then a screw on the other side that holds it in place.

This is an excellent choice for high-use situations and virtually eliminates the possibility of someone accidentally releasing the door handle.


The back handle is a popular choice for interior doors in a commercial environment, such as an office or restaurant.

They are installed on bi-fold doors with overlapping handles (hence the name) and are also widely used in libraries, shops and other commercial interior doors.

Needless to say, attached handles come in various styles, finishes and designs to suit any décor or purpose.

Door handles can be the most practical option, as they can be turned in either direction when installed with the right lock, regardless of the location of the door.


Whether you want to decorate your home with a black Door handle for the main door or change the interior by replacing plain and boring door handles with bronze door handles, the choice is yours.

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