Electrification Jobs

Professionals who are into electrification are not just mere electricians. This is certainly not a job to look down upon.

In fact, different aspects of electrification jobs will surely excite you, such as designing or repairing electrical systems. Apart from a sense of satisfaction and pleasure, you will make a massive difference in the lives of people.

Do you want to start your career as an electrician and know more about the job? Read on.

Roles and Duties

You will play different roles and perform diverse duties apart from simply reading and testing electric diagrams and circuits.

Your role will include and not confine to:

• Creating blueprints of electrical systems
• Installing and repairing the electrical systems
• Supervising electrical work so that it meets the set regulatory and safety standards
• Investigating potential hazards or violations of building codes

In addition, you may even train apprentices to part your knowledge and share your experience in this field.

The Different Types

You may not be aware that there are different kinds of electricians, and their electrification jobs are equally diverse.

Here are some of the types that you may take up as your career:

• Apprentice

you may start your career working as an apprentice. This way, you will gain proactive experience about your job and the regulations to follow according to the local or territorial authority.

• Journeyperson

Once you meet the requirements as an apprentice and pass the test, you can start as a journeyperson. You will have proper certification for the job and start your trade.

• Master electricians

You can offer the highest level of service when you earn this specific title. A master electrician usually owns his own business, works as a contractor, or even trains others.

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• Home electricians

Also referred to as residential electricians, their job primarily involves maintaining the electrical requirements of homes or residences. As a home electrician, you may also plan new systems for new buildings and connect them to the service providers.

• Commercial electricians

The job of commercial electricians involves larger structures, such as office complexes, shopping malls, and others that are non-residential.

• Automotive electricians

Their job responsibility includes designing, installing, or repairing electrical systems such as lights, heating and air-conditioning, and lights electrical systems in motor vehicles.

• Industrial electricians

big industrial settings, such as factories, manufacturing units, mines, or refineries, are under the supervision of industrial electricians.

• Maintenance electricians

They usually do not design or install electrical systems but mainly focus on repairing and maintaining them. They may, however, upgrade an old electrical system.


This job has many perks and benefits apart from the pleasure aspect. Some of them are:

• The pay potential is excellent if you have the correct skill set and are in demand. And what is more, if it is your business, you are your boss and can make your demand.

• There is no scope for job loss because the need for an electrician will always be there, irrespective of the economic turmoil or other issues.

• You can utilise your skill set to the fullest, which is typically impossible in an office environment due to continual supervision and following orders.

• If you like physical activity, this is the right job for you. Squat, climb ladders, or move around – there are a lot of workouts to keep you fit.

Most importantly, if you can establish yourself in this job, you will earn much respect from your fellow workers and peers.

The Needs

Finally, you must know about the specific requirements you must meet to start electrification jobs.

• You must have the fundamental knowledge, training, and education to get a proper license or certification. If not electrical engineering, at least a high school degree will make things easier for you.

• You must also undergo adequate training to know the basics and more about electric systems and components, their uses, the hazards, and a lot of other things.

Finally, register yourself, after proper training, for a small fee. This will help you a lot in getting more jobs.


So, now that you are ready to start your career in one of the different industries or start your own business, research a bit more about the potential returns and get to work.

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